Peaceday2021 – Intergenerational Assembly


The Globe is On/e

Young changemakers from almost 100 cities worldwide came together in a Global Youth Assembly on Peace Day 2020. They voiced their concerns, their hopes for the future, and their desire and commitment to work with global leaders to create a world that works for all within the planetary boundaries.

This year on Peace Day 2021, september 21, we take it one step further towards Positive ImpACT!

In the week leading up to Peace Day, 1200 young change-makers and artists will come together in 120 ‘Pop-up’ Peace Rooms all over the world, creating a unique global momentum.

The Peace Rooms are locally organized and very diverse, but each of them comes up with at least one actionable idea and commits to implementing it. These ‘Actionable Commitments‘ are local and personal, showing that big words (like the SDGs) can be translated into local actions.

The holistic approach of the ‘Doughnut Economics’ model, that aims to meet the needs of all within our planetary limits, serves as a framework for these commitments.

The Peace Rooms are all linked together by a central 24/7 media hub situated in Youth Island in Denmark, a former sea fort­ress loc­ated a short sail­ing trip from the UN-City in Copen­ha­gen. Regional meet-ups will bring together representatives and insights from the different pop-up peace rooms, culminating in a 2-hours Multilateral Intergenerational Assembly with youth leaders, elders and UN representatives on Peace Day.

Examples of Peace Popups:

  • Exhibitions
  • Intergenerational dialogues
  • Street conversations
  • Hackathons
  • Urban Hacking
  • Peace walks
  • Performances
  • Mural painting
  • Improv theater
  • Ideas flea market

The ‘Artist is Present’: Artists Create Together

One of the principles for organizing a peace room, is to give an extra dimension to the meeting. We will harness the power of the Arts to amplify the voice of the youth and catalyse change towards a world that works for all.

Art is an integral part of the whole program. Artists, musicians and writers will join and organize Peace Rooms, and create works and exhibitions inspired by the insights that come up. The creations will be exhibited to keep the momentum going and to bring the conversations into different senses.

In the weekend before Peace Day, representatives from different Peace Rooms (as well as others who want to join) come together in regional meet-ups.

Here they share what they have been doing, as well as key insights and challenges, to see how they can work together, form alliances, and learn from each other. These meet-ups are organized by ecoregion.

As a relay race, the teams will work on making an ‘Actionable Commitment’ Declaration to put forward to UN representatives and other relevant stakeholders to show the commitment of the members to ‘walk their talk’ and invite stakeholders to follow suit.

During the 2-hours Intergenerational Assembly, the regional representatives will bring some of these curated harvests to the table as fuel for the on-going discussions.


Out of the Global Youth Assembly 2020 came a declaration, signed by all the participants. The first point of the declaration was ‘youth engagement’. This is echoed in the UN’s promise to ‘listen to and work with youth’.

So this is also our focus for this year: ‘how can youth be empowered to become co-creators of a world that meets the needs of all people within the means of the living planet?’

Quote from UN75: We will listen to and work with youth. Youth is the missing piece for peace and

development. As we benefited from the foresight of the founders of the United Nations, young people


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We encourage partners to mobilize youth in their networks to lead a Pop-up Peace Room in their city!

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