PeaceDay 2021 – Youth Assembly


A Peace Week To Remember

The Peaceday Youth assembly 2021 hosted around 120 local events (Peace pop-ups) as well as 4 regional meet-ups leading up to the global summit on the International Day of Peace. 

The participants in this years assembly engaged in a variety of activities addressing the question: 
How can we collaborate to meet the needs of all within the limits of the planet – and have fun while doing so?


Spanning six continents and engaging youth from many different countries and cultures, the Peace Pop-ups focused on different aspects of the Doughnut Economy Model related to being: 

  • Health
  • Connected
  • Enabled
  • Empowerment.


The individual Peace Pop-ups approached the four themes in very different ways, ranging from street-art events, clean-up campaigns, panel discussions, movie screenings, musical performances and online webinars to name a few examples.

The outcome was a number of actionable steps, which the participants have committed to implement 

On September 19th we organised regional online meetings in 4 time zones, where representatives of the Peace Pop-Ups could meet and exchange their actionable steps.

We also invited some prominent change leaders “Key Note Listeners” who offered feed back to the young participants based on many years of experience.  

The result was a fun and open intergenerational dialogue that crossed borders, cultures, and networks

Peace Pop’Up on Youth Island in Denmark September 21st

September 21st, 250 young people came together on Youth Island – which is a former sea fortress located a short sailing trio from the UN City in Denmark. There they participated in workshops related to this year’s theme.

It was also an opportunity to celebrate peace together and enter into a dialogue with representatives from different UN agencies, Copenhagen’s Mayor of Children and Youth and representatives from different NGO’s and youth organisations. y in Copenhagen. 

The event on youth island served as an epicenter for the global event, harnessing the energy and ideas of the participants in a livestream that went out to a large global audience via our collective networks and their social media channels.

Representatives from the Global Youth Assembly  were featured on AIME TV in Australia and together with our global partner Ubiquity University we co hosted a Humanity Rising webinar with special guests like Emmanuel Jal who shared his compelling life story and got everyone on the dance floor, as well as ARKAI,  who delivered a breathtaking live performance. 

Topping it all some of our Youth Assembly delegates participated in a panel discussion with our great partners Community Arts NetworkChangeMakerXchangeDoughnut Economics Action LabInitiatives of Change, and The Pop Movement.

Peaceday 2022 and onwards

As the dust settles after some extremely exciting and thought provoking days, we look ahead at where we plan to go from here. 

In the coming months the Peace Day Youth Assembly will connect the changemakers on the ground with 10 network representatives to discuss the next actionable steps. Our mission is to inspire and be inspired, to learn and grow, and above all to realise that together we are strong enough to take on the challenges the future holds.