Click on the video below and meet Peaceday Youth Assembly ambassador Emmanuel Jal, who from his start in life as a child soldier in the war-torn region of Southern Sudan has become a successful and acclaimed recording artist.

The Peaceday Youth Assembly is an annual intergenerational dialogue taking place in connection with UN’s International Day of Peace 21 September. The initiative is led by young change-makers from different cultures, who are stepping up to address the imminent and impending global issues that right now are threatening our livelihoods and our very existence. The purpose is to build a future that works for all of humanity within the boundaries of the living planet.

This year the global momentum brought together young change leaders from all over the world.
Peace pop-ups on different continents were linked together in regional meetings and a central hub was established on Youth Island in Denmark – a former sea fort­ress loc­ated a short sail­ing trip from the UN-City in Copen­ha­gen.

A special taskforce is rigth now in the process of mapping actionable solutions proposed by the Peace pop-up participants. When the work has been completed the solutions will be presented to the UN.

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